21 June 2023

About the artist

Monika Malinowska

Painter, portraitist and graphic artist. Born in 1976. Associated with Cracow since birth. In the years 1996 – 2001 she studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. In 2001, she obtained a master’s degree in art in the copperplate engraving studio of prof. Stanisław Wejman. After graduation, she worked with publishing houses and advertising agencies as an illustrator and a graphic designer. From 2002 – 2009 she was a member to Fyns Grafiske Varksted in Odense. From 2019-2020 she was a member of The Polish Portrait Artists. In 2018-2020, she conducted her own classes and art workshops in Wegrzce. For nearly 20 years she specialises in commissioned oil portraits. The artist’s works are also often inspired by ladscape and nature. She runs the “Paleta” Portrait Studio. She works and lives with her family in Wegrzce near Cracow, where her art studio is located. The painter’s works are in numerous private and institutional collections in Poland and abroad.

Works in collections of institutions and companies:

  • “Portrait of prof. dr hab. Janina Stopyrowa”, Historical Gallery of Portraits of Personalities
    in the Auditorium of the University Children’s Hospital in Cracow,
  • “Portrait of Archbishop Jerzy Ablewicz”, Diocesan Archives in Tarnow,
  • “Portrait of prof. dr hab. Boguslaw Halikowski”, Historical Gallery of Portraits of Personalities
    in the Auditorium of the University Children’s Hospital in Cracow,
  • “Portrait of Dr. Krzysztof Kmiec, Pharmacy Museum in Cracow,
  • “Portrait of Dr. Leonard Glabisz”, Poznan University of Economics and Business,
  • “Portraits of Directors Bank”, Baltycki Bank Spoldzielczy in Darlowo,
  • “Portrait of Dr. Krzysztof M. Pazdro – publisher and author of educational textbooks” Oficyna Edukacyjna * Krzysztof Pazdro,
  • “Portrait of the Company President” – “Fluid” Company
  • “Portrait of Agata Krawczyk from the Wojdala family – Mayor of the village Zielonki “Regional Chamber in Zielonki,
  • “Portrait of headmaster Radzislaw Olbrychowski – III Tadeusz Kosciuszko Secondary School in Lodz.
  • “Portrait of Stanisław Lem” S. Lem NSP in Bibice,
  • “Portrait of composer Krzysztof Komeda” Krzysztof Komeda in Bibice,


MoMA “Art & Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art” on-line course authorized by The Museum of Modern Art 2020

“ARTETERAPIA Art therapy at work with children and youth” – ISKRA Training Institution – EDUCATION ANIMACJA SZKOLENIA SP. Z O.O.2019

Participation in exhibitions

  • 2023- “Faces” Art Exhibition (online) – Art Room Gallery -Online collective exhibition
    – “Artists of Portraits /2023 -ArtAscent (online),
  • “2019-“Portrait” Exhibition of Paintings of the Association of Polish Portraitists, Gallery ZPAP “On the floor”, Łodz 2019- “Portrait” Exhibition of Paintings of the Association of Polish Portrait Artists,
  • Galeria Biblio-Art, in the Library of the Lodz University of Technology, Lodz 2019
  • “Sentimental Sketches” individual exhibition of drawings, Stara Kuznia, Wegrzce 2018
  • “Portraits” exhibition on the occasion of “Women’s Day”, Stara Kuznia, Wegrzce2010
  • “Professor Stanislaw Wejman and students”, German Consulate in Cracow 2004
  • Exhibition of members of Fyns Grafiske Værksted in the Skovhuset Gallery, Værlose, Denmark 2003
  • Exhibition of graphics (Together with Anna Siek), Fyns Grafiske Værksted, Odense, Denmark 2002
  • post-competition exhibition, II International Biennale of Miniature, Czestochowa 2001
  • post-competition exhibition (National Competition entitled “Landscape in Contemporary Painting) “Pryzmat” Gallery, Cracow
  • post-competition exhibition (National Competition “Landscape in Contemporary Painting)” Budimex Windows Gallery, Warsaw
  • “Diplomas 2001” Palace of Art, Cracow 2000
  • Painting, drawing, graphics – individual exhibition, Hotel Gallery Elektor, Cracow 2000 –
    “Young Graphic Designers” Ceisa Gallery, Helsinki, Finland –
    “Graphic Designers”, Gallery of the “Under Hand” Club, Cracow
  • post-competition exhibition (National Graphic Competition Canson for Students), Marcholt Gallery, Katowice
  • post-competition exhibition (1st National Competition for Young Painters. Marian Michalak), Municipal Art Gallery, Częstochowa 1999
  • “The Copper Engraving Studio of the Graphic Department of the Academy of Fine Arts
    in Cracow”, Center for Jewish Culture, Cracow


reproductions of works in catalogs:

  • Catalogue “Trendy Designu Architektura i Sztuka , WYDANIE NR 44/2023, Media Creations
    Łucja Lewandowska,”Obraz osobowości. O znaczeniu portretów”
  • ArtAscent-International Art Magazine- V57 Portraits January 2023, https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2398396
  • catalogue of the Painting Exhibition of the Association of Polish Portraitists “PORTRET”, October November 2020
  • fair catalog ” Cracow Art Expo” – Tomaszowice, 2014
  • catalog of the exhibition “Professor Stanislaw Wejman and his students”, 2010
  • catalog of Fyns Grafiske Vaerksted, Odense, Denmark, 2003
  • post-competition catalog “The first nationwide painting competition for young painters named after Mariana Michalak”, Czestochowa 2001
  • exhibition catalog – “2nd International Biennale of Miniatures”, Gallery of the Center for the Promotion of Culture in Czestochowa, 2001
  • catalog of the post-competition exhibition, “Premio Aggazi” Bergama, Italy, 2001
  • catalog of the post-competition exhibition “Landscape in contemporary painting”, Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, 2000

Awards and distinctions:

  • 2024 – Talent Award in international, juried “9th LANDSCAPE” art competition”
    in TERAVARNA Art Gallery, LA, USA
  • 2023 — Merit Award in juried “Faces” art exhibition in Art Room Gallery
  • 2002 – 1st prize awarded by the FLN portal in the category – illustration.
  • 2001 – 3rd prize in the National Competition for Students entitled “Landscape in Contemporary Painting”,

Wydarzenia i aktualności:


6-10 December 2023 My painting ” Inter canum et lupum” had been included in a  video display curated by Circle Foundation for the Arts at Red Dot Miami Art Fair in USA, Artavita and World Wide Art,  Booth 100

20.02. 2019 Uroczyste odsłonięcie namalowanego przeze mnie portretu prof. Bogusława Halikowskiego, w Auli Uniwersyteckiego Szpitala Dziecięcego
w Krakowie,  podczas 43. Konferencji Naukowej ” Spotkanie Chirurgów Dziecięcych z Pediatrami”

12.10. 2018 r, Łódź.  III Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Tadeusza Kościuszki
Uroczyste odsłonięcie namalowanego przeze mnie portretu Radzisława Olbrychowskiego,
Dyrektora liceum w latach 1979-1991.

9-11 V 2014 r.
Udział jako wystawca
w Targach Sztuki Art Expo 2014 w Dworze w Tomaszowicach.

07-08.12.2013 r.
Udział jako wystawca
w Targach Młodej Sztuki “Sztukobranie”
Sale balowe  Pałacu pod Baranami w Krakowie

Two portraits of Dr n. farm Krzysztof Kmieć ( 1950 - 2011) donated by his friends. Celebrations in the Museum of Pharmacy in Krakow

Wręczenie Portretu Dr. Krzysztofa Kmiecia
17 marca 2012 r. Oficjalne przekazania portretu Dr n. farm. Krzysztofa Kmiecia ( 1950- 2011) na ręce Dyrekcji Muzeum Farmacji w Krakowie.
Miałam zaszczyt uczestniczyć w tym uroczystym wydarzeniu.

Wręczenie obrazu na zamku Merode
Belgia, sierpień 2009 r. Wręczenie akwareli mojego autorstwa przez delegację Krakowskiego Bractwa Kurkowego na zamku Merode,
na Europejskich Spotkaniach Strzelców Historycznych