21 June 2023

Portraits gallery

Why ordering an oil portrait from a photo is a good idea?

Oil portraits from a photo, given as a gift, will be always a beautiful surprise and a valuable keepsake for the next generations. On the basis of you favorite photo, I can also paint portraits of your close ones, who live far away or have already passed away. You don’t have to spend your precious time to order a professional oil painting at the artist studio. Just send me your favorite photos via email or by traditional mail. If you wish, I can also take appropriate photos for the portrait in my art studio, without any additional charge.
I invite you to see the online gallery of paintings below. These are exaples of portraits – oil paintings that I have created over the last few years, mainly based on the photos sent by my customers. The paintings have been grouped into five categories: portraits of children, portraits of women, portraits of men, couples and family portraits, and portraits of pets. If you particularly liked style of one of my portraits please indicate it it in your inquiry. I attach a certificate of authenticity to every portrait or other painting purchased in my studio.
To see an enlargement of the selected portrait and it’s description, click on the selected thumbnail in the online painting gallery below.
If you have additional questions about oil paintings and portraits from a photo – please contact me.

Portrety dzieci- Galeria I

Portrety – Galeria II

Portrety – Galeria III

Portrety ślubne, rodzinne, wspólne- Galeria IV

Portrety zwierząt- Galeria V